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Angel Sanctuary Claims

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19th February 2009

smithsassistant4:14pm: claims
Hello everyone

I would like to claim Adam Kadamon/Seraphita please.

Cookies are yummy in my tummy

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22nd February 2006

black_minna3:09am: ~ mirshann ~
Greetings! Ok, so I would like to claim Metatron and Nanase Hikaru's - Messiah (opening theme).

And I would also like to make a layout if you still need it and banners to suit it.

My portfolioCollapse )

And actually cookies are yummy in my tummy!

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31st December 2005

wylyvfae11:11pm: Have Happy New Year all. ^.^

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25th December 2005

wylyvfae12:02pm: Cherrry Mistmas!
errr...or maybe it's Merry Christmas!

And Happy first day of Hannukah. ^.^

Okay, so...Happy Holidays in general!


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19th October 2005

beloved_horror9:16pm: Let me live inside you forever...
Hi! If I may, I would like to claim; Katan's loyalty to Rociel and Lord Rociel's insanity.

Thank you very much!

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20th September 2005

elevation9:13pm: Cookies are yummy in my tummy.
May I claim Belial's Hat and Katou please?

Also, would you like to affiliate with angesiconawards and angelsancicons?

Cookies are yummy in my tummy.
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15th August 2005

wylyvfae10:56pm: The claims list has been updated. ^.^ Sorry that took a while.

I've been repainting my room and working and such.

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6th August 2005

x_leika_x6:46pm: Hello. ^^

I'd like to claim Uriel and Sevothtarte, please.


Cookies are yummy in my tummy.

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5th August 2005

fortunadevinis9:37am: A Question and a Claim
Thanks very much for the two extra claims, wylyvfae! I've been thinking of also making an advertising banner for the community, but I wasn't sure what size you'd like it to be. Do you have any preferences?

And for one of my new claims, I'd like to please claim Kurai. I haven't quite decided on my second one yet, though... I guess I'll have to think about it some more. Thank you again! :)

Cookies are yummy in my tummy.

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31st July 2005

wylyvfae11:07pm: Okay. It's been updated.

And I need icons, advertising banners, a new layout, etc. for the community.

So anyone who submits an icon/banner/etc. gets one new claim per submission on up to 4 submissions.
And two claims per layout on up to 2 layouts.

New Claims ListCollapse )

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30th July 2005

apassionathy7:20pm: I'd like to claim Katan and the pairing Rosiel/Katan ^^

Cookies are yummy in my tummy
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27th July 2005

wylyvfae11:09pm: Affiliate your community.
If you own or moderate a community you would like to affiliate with mine, please feel free to e-mail me @ abysmal_eternity@hotmail.com or leave a comment here.

Just give me:

Community name:
Brief Description:
Type of community: (ex. claiming, rating, chat, etc., etc.)

(Feel free to add me to your affiliations too. ^.^)
My community:

Name: Angel Sanctuary Claims
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/angelclaims/
Brief Description: A community for claiming and talking about the anime/manga, Angel Sanctuary, by Kaori Yuki.
Type: Claiming

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19th July 2005

wylyvfae11:12pm: Claims List
This will have to do until I can get web page started.

The Claims List

Anyone know of a good free web space provider?

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fortunadevinis5:55pm: Hi!
Hello! :) I'd like to claim:

Rociel the Inorganic Angel
Mudou Setsuna

Thank you much!

Cookies are yummy in my tummy.

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_farawaydreams4:08am: Heeey neat!
Angel Sanctuary community. ^.^ I was hoping I'd find one some day. *laughs*

I'd like to claim, if I may:

Belial [ The Madhatter ]

Thankies. ^__^

"Cookies are yummy in my tummy."

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wylyvfae12:36am: Post #1!
Before anyone else gets here. I'll claim...

Alexiel the Organic Angel
Sakuya Kira

Yay. ^.^

Cookies are yummy in my tummy.

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