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Angel Sanctuary Claims

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Hi all! Welcome to Angel Sanctuary Claims.

This is a community to claim and chat about the Angel Sanctuary mangas and anime by Kaori Yuki.

Some rules:

1. To claim a character you must join the community and make a post of your claims.
2.Each person can start off with two claims. Claims can have anything to do with the manga or anime "Angel Sanctuary" including voice actors, music, a certain page in one the mangas, pairings, etc. etc.
3. Through participating in contests and such more claims can be earned.
4. No cussing, fighting, being mean to anyone for any reason or you shall be banned from the community.
5. Advertising for other communities is allowed as long as they are anime/manga related or I approve them.
6.Put "Cookies are yummy in my tummy." in the final line of your entry to show that you read the rules.
7. Dicussion is highly encouraged as long as it's anime/manga related.
8. Your livejournal must be updated atleast every two months or your claims will be taken off the list.
9. Anything Hentai/Ecchi or with a lot of images needs to be put under a LJ Cut, if you don't know how to just ask for help.
10. Please don't complain about delays in updating the list, I have a life and I sometimes just don't get a chance to be online. I will always update the list ASAP. ^.^

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